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SYWA is a trustworthy company committed to providing the best technology services.

Technical Support

SYWA Supports technology by solving issues and keeping it running smoothly.

Technology Consulting

Latest innovations and optimizing technology infrastructure, we help you leverage the latest advancements.

Staff Resourcing

offering top-notch staff resourcing services that match your business needs with skilled professionals.

About Company

Sywa Consultancy is not only a design consultancy but also offers reliable business solutions.

SYWA is a global consulting firm that works with leaders to address critical challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Today, we collaborate closely with clients to embrace a transformational approach that benefits all stakeholders, enabling organizations to grow, build long-term competitive advantage, and drive positive societal impact.


Among the services offered are

Our multidisciplinary knowledge, combined with a single point of contact, ensures an efficient and cost-effective solution.

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  • Bringing new Technology solutions to the market
  • To be included in the list of best 100 Companies

A full-fledged technology consulting company

SYWA offers a suite of technology consulting, design, engineering, outsourcing, and training services to owners, developers, architects, and engineers, as well as a complete consultancy service from concept design to commissioning and project handover. SYWA provides design services regionally and globally.

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Beliefs have unlocked their potential. They felt confident in using our strategy.

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Rated accuracy, high quality, account improvement, personal performance, and cost-effectiveness.

0 Believe our trainers’ expertise in their respective fields and their commitment to clients.
0 Found our guidance to be reliable and transparent, as well as useful in increasing their wealth.
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We integrate innovation into everything we do

Approaching every project with a high-performance design strategy

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We consider this to be the most crucial aspect of our organization and demand that all of our employees uphold the highest ethical standards in whatever they do..


SYWA strives for perfection. Constantly striving to deliver incredible performance and amazing results for our clients.


SYWA takes a service-oriented approach to leadership, which enables us to anticipate and respond to the needs of our clients by providing them with excellent trading ideas and tools to properly manage risk.


Our Expertise

Our high standards have earned us the loyalty of business owners, architects, consultants, and contractors. Our customers can expect the highest quality design, delivery, installation, and maintenance services.

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